At impact reduction apparel, we are dedicated to merging modern design with the latest technology. Our inspiration comes from the style conscious, extreme athlete who wants to feel more comfortable stretching their skills to the next level. This athlete knows about current fashion and is up to date with pop culture (even though it may not be their style). They are modern and technically inclined using more apps than books. They don’t have time to wait around and heal all day; they just want to get back out there and ride.

Additionally, we strive to provide an alternative for parents of active children who resist wearing bulky padding but could use more protection. These parents watch as their children get better and better at whatever they love to do, sometimes falling and getting banged up in the process. Fastballs flying by, snow swooping around, handrails being slid in unconventional fashions…all scary but real hazards.  It’s okay…we understand!

In response to this growing need for stylish protection, we developed a layered material that utilizes the latest impact reduction technology and integrating it into designer products to keep you protected without compromising your style.

MISSION : Create impact reduction products that feel comfortable (socially, physically, emotionally).

VALUE :We value the passing of tradition and knowledge from one generation to the next while being culture conscious!! We value the evolution of technology and the comfort and performances it affords us.

OUR COMMITMENT: Provide stealth protection by engineered integration of the latest technology with modern design.


If interested in becoming part of our Street Team , please contact us.


“Back in the winter of 2006-2007 I was snowboarding at Big Bear. I noticed that there was a dramatic increase in helmet usage. They are big and cumbersome and look funny. I resisted wearing the helmet and instead wore a squirrel hunter cap complete with ear-flaps and a chinstrap. I was thinking, “well, at least when I fall I will have a bit of padding”. Then it occurred to me if my hat had a lining to help absorb an impact I could wear my hunter cap and feel comfortable knowing some impact would be absorbed by the head gear I was wearing. Just the thought made me a bit more confident. I wanted a comfortable and stylish helmet that wasn’t cumbersome and offered some of the protections a helmet offer;

Impact Reduction Apparel – headgear was born!  Years later we were in the parking lot of our local kart racing facility. We were indulging in some adult beverages when I through out the idea to two friends. In a rambling state, the idea sounded good.  I then reached out to another friend who was talented at making things look sexy. He refined the idea a bit and we decided to move forward and find out what you the public thinks.”

JD Chase, Business Dir. Impact Reduction Apparel, LLC


JASON HANCOCK (Engineering Director) – Lead Engineer who builds and refines doors to function perfectly.

J.D. CHASE  (Marketing & HR) – A Real Estate Specialist who believes creativity is key to opening doors.

GEORGE FLINT (Business Development & Finance) – Entrepreneur who chooses the right doors to knock on.

BRANDON LASHURE (Operations & Business Development ) – Business pro who believes in opening doors for others.

GREG CALI (Creative Director) – Pro photographer thinks everything should be shot indoors and out.

DAVID O’NEILL (IT Director) – Connects the technology dots and finds the best doors to walk through.

BRANDON SCOTT (Fashion Designer) – The one who makes doors look good before and after you pass through.