We have chosen the top of the line in impact reduction materials and high performance moisture wicking fabric materials. The foam is a performance grade product that actually hardens on impact to maximize performance when it’s needed most and both the padding and the fabric offer antimicrobial protection to keep you fresh! The current design incorporates years of product development and user feedback to provide an uncompromising blend of performance, functionality and comfort. This patent pending technology provides a foundation to change the apparel industry making safety look and feel like clothing.


The combination of the layers enhances the performance and functionality of any one material alone. Years of prototyping, development and lab testing have helped us maximize performance while reducing weight and thickness.



The Skull Cap, the first product from Impact Reduction Apparel (IRA), is a hat liner built with impact reduction design features at its core. The liner is simply inserted inside hats and helmets to help defend against head injuries by providing a layer of protection for impact reduction to injury prone areas of the head. From skiers and snowboarders, to baseball players and skateboarders, the Skull Cap gives athletes the choice to add a protective layer to their hat while maintaining their own sense of style.

SkullCap Outline


• Unique profile shape that lays flat when not in use (great for storage) while still offering maximum coverage when folded into a hat
• Designed to fit into virtually any hat, specifically ball caps
• Careful material selection delivers the highest-grade impact reduction solutions for common impact areas around the head
• Layered material composition is unique to the product and was specifically engineered to maximize performance while not compromising the fit and feel
• Specifically designed to reduce the effects of a frontal and back of head impacts
• Easy Installation – tucking into the sweatband of most hats

Inserting SkullCap in baseball cap